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How to write a unique resume in 7 steps

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

A resume plays a significant role in getting a job, the resume speaks on behalf of you to the recruiter. There is a saying "The first impression is the best impression" even though it's a prejudice, this is how a recruiter sees you, he judges you primarily based on your resume and your qualifications, which you mentioned on the resume as your resume here is the first impression. The resume is a foundation for obtaining a job or getting shortlisted. So the resume building plays an important role in beginning a career. Your resume should leave an impression for you to get designated for the job.

1. Space:

Manage the space in your resume, a cluttered resume will do no good. Make sure the resume ends up on one page, your recruiter will not be interested in reading the second page of your resume so make sure to add only necessary information. A neat and clean resume will get you noted or selected for the interview. Leave a good space for each category. Format your resume using Microsoft word or using any software. You can even use mobile apps to create a resume, where you get to choose different templates. Tons of websites assist you to create a resume online with templates instantly.

2. Colour and font:

Colours of the resume are vital, don't give your resume dark colours. If you're confused about what colour to use better choose white as a background and black for text, as it always works. White colour is the standard resume colour but you can experiment with different colours to make the resume attractive, headings can be highlighted using Warm colours. As for the font, use times new roman, you can try other standard fonts too. Don't use any slanted or decorative sorts of fonts. Font size should be 12pt and the titles should be in 14pt. You can increase the font size for your name and designation.

3. Picture and address in a resume:

It is not necessary to attach a picture to a resume. The picture is just for identification purposes. In most countries, the recruiters will not consider your job application if your picture is attached to your resume. Your qualifications and your talent are what get you selected for the job. Include an email id, your email id must be professional. Keep a separate email id for jobs and don't forget to include your phone number.

4. Your strength:

Use relevant technical skills and your strengths in your resume. Technical skills are different from strengths. Strength shows your self-confidence level and positivity. Including your strength will get you shortlisted for your confidence like hardworking, punctual, dedication towards work, problem-solving etc.

5. Your hobbies:

If your hobbies are relevant to your job make sure to include them in your resume. And add some extracurricular activities like athletics, sketching etc.

6. Awards and degrees:

Make sure to include your highest qualification and the year you graduated or completed your studies. Including the awards and certificates, you received for any curricular activities or sports or any competition or volunteering works will get you noticed so make sure to include it. There is no need to include your marks or the percentage you scored in exams. If you are top of your class or college, thus you can enclose it, other than that your composure you show in the interview will get the job.

7. Online portfolio:

An online portfolio is where you have a website or blog solely for your portfolio. Anyone with your website address can take look at your works, instead of carrying a portfolio, you can just mention the website address in your resume for the recruiter to see your previous works. You can also upload your previous works to social media accounts too and attach the social media accounts to your resume.

Your resume should look professional, and the confidence shown in the resume interview will get you a job. Obtaining a good job is not solely based on the resume you developed but a resume will act as a good foundation for a job where it all starts. Your resume should look professional and make sure to update your resume and experiment with a new design. A standard design resume works but a unique and neat resume can make an employer read your resume even if you don't have enough qualification

Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him. —Aldous Huxley

Have a wonderful day.

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