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Flowers and their beautiful meaning

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Flowers became a beautiful symbolism of our emotions and expressions all over the world. Whether during ancient times or civilization, their presence gives rise to its ambiance, whether it's a home or an occasion. Flowers are the indirect message of our expression and intention, which brings a smile to anyone's lips when gifted. Each flower has its symbolism, significance, and fragrance. While all flowers represent love in different ways but their colors describe a different story depending on to whom it's gifted

1. Dahlia:

Dahlia flower
Dahlia flower

Dahlia flowers are known for their long-lasting aspect when used as ornamental cut flowers in decorations. This is why they are popular among florists and gardeners because of their variety of colors and they suit any occasion. The presence of the dahlia flower signifies various meanings depending on their colors but generally, dahlia signifies elegance and each color of the dahlia has different symbolism.

  • Red dahlia symbolizes inner strength and long term love and commitment

  • Pink dahlia symbolizes grace and beauty

  • Blue and green dahlia symbolizes a fresh start and new changes

  • Black dahlia symbolizes betrayal

  • White dahlia symbolizes purity and innocence


2. Amaryllis:

Amaryllis flower
Amaryllis flower

Amaryllis is an easy-to-grow and one of the most beautiful perennial flowering plants native to Africa. Amaryllis are indoor plant comes in a different color and they symbolize beauty, love, and determination as amaryllis has a greek mythological story behind their meaning. Amaryllis are gifted to people we love dearly. Amaryllis can live more than 50 years if taken good care of. If it is gifted as a growing plant, your loved ones can experience the cycle of blooming flowers.

  • Red amaryllis symbolizes eternal love

  • White amaryllis symbolizes purity and innocence

  • Pink amaryllis symbolizes friendship

  • Yellow Amaryllis symbolizes happiness


3. Carnation:

Carnation flower
Carnation flower

Carnations are beautiful flowers popular just like roses among the butterflies, this flower also symbolizes true love and admiration in other words, motherly love. Just like they add beauty to any occasion, they also serve as decoration and add flavor to different kinds of desserts and cakes as carnations are edible flowers. There are a variety of colors in carnation flowers that symbolize different meanings and there are various stories behind the carnation flower and carnation makes a wonderful gift to loved ones on any occasion.

  • A red carnation symbolizes true love

  • White carnation symbolizes good luck

  • Pink carnation symbolizes appreciation and gratitude

  • Yellow carnation symbolizes rejection

  • Purple carnation symbolizes apology


4. Orchids:

Orchid flower
Orchid flower

Orchids are more than just home decor, it symbolizes love, affection, luxury, elegance, and strength. Orchids thrive in any circumstances and are known for their pleasant fragrance thus making it a wonderful gift. Orchids are valued by Japanese culture as a symbol of respect. An orchid flower lasts for 2 months after blooming. Orchids are believed to bring good luck and prosperity and different colors of orchids represent different meanings.

  • White orchid symbolizes purity and good luck

  • Purple orchid symbolizes admiration and royalty

  • Pink orchids symbolize feminist

  • The yellow orchid symbolizes friendship and a new start

  • Orange orchids symbolize courage and pride.


Each flower has various meanings, whether it's an appreciation or a thank you, a flower can say it for you in a beautiful way. Gifting a flower to someone may give them the courage to succeed but a plant full of blooming flowers will be a better gift to wish someone good luck and give them a lifelong memory to remember. Just remember their meaning before gifting a flower to someone as each flower and its color represent a different meaning and story and they make a great gift for any occasion or an expression.

Have a beautiful day

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